Financial results

Notes to the consolidated financial statements

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11. General and administrative expenses


In 2015 “Costs of payments to the Bank Guarantee Fund” included not only the annual fee and prudential fee paid in 2015 but also the cost of payment made to the Bank Guarantee Fund under the Resolution No. 87/DGD/2015 of the Management Board of the Bank Guarantee Fund of 26 November 2015 of PLN 11 925 thousand used for payment of guaranteed funds to depositors of Spółdzielczy Bank Rzemiosła i Rolnictwa in Wołomin.

In 2015 "Cost of payments made to the Borrowers Support Fund” included costs of the provision recognized by the Bank for an obligatory payment to the Borrowers Support Fund, established under the Act on supporting borrowers in a difficult financial situation who have been granted a mortgage loan of 9 October 2015 (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 1925).