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Changes in the Management Board. Resignation of Michał Sobiech from function of a Member of the Management Board responsible for finance and risk and appointment of Magdalena Nawara to the Management Board as the Member responsible for this area.
Publication of the separate annual report of Bank Pocztowy for 2015 and the consolidated annual report of the Bank Pocztowy Capital Group for 2015. Presentation of selected financial data of the Bank Pocztowy Capital Group for 2015 (press conference).
Submission of a prospectus to KNF in connection with the intention to carry out a public offering of bonds by Bank Pocztowy.
The KNF has approved the prospectus for public offering of bonds. Subscription for Bank Pocztowy bonds from 23rd May to 3rd June of 2016.
Closure of public issue of bonds, under which Bank Pocztowy acquired 50 mln of PLN. Changes in the Management Board. Termination of the 9th term of office of the Bank Pocztowy Management Board. Appointment by the Bank’s Supervisory Board of the 10th term of office of the Bank Pocztowy Management Board in the composition of: Sławomir Zawadzki - Vice-President of the Management Board, acting as President of the Management Board, Magdalena Nawara, Jerzy Konopka, Krzysztof Telega, Robert Kuraszkiewicz - Members of the Management Board.
KNF has agreed to appoint Sławomir Zawadzki as the President of the Management Board of Bank Pocztowy. Publication of the interim condensed financial statements of Bank Pocztowy S.A. for the 6-month period ended June 30, 2016 and the consolidated half-year report of the Bank Pocztowy S.A. Capital Group for the first half of 2016.
The Supervisory Board of Bank Pocztowy approved the Financial Plan of Bank Pocztowy submitted by the Bank's Management Board for 2017.