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Strategy 2017-2021

Always as nearly,
as you need

  • Mission

    We take care of our customers' finances in a safe, postal Bank, which helps to realize dreams of many generations.
    Always as close, as you need.

  • Vision

    We will strengthen the Polish financial system by creating strong postal banking, based on the largest service network in the country, combining a traditional banking with modern digital services, using the synergy effect of the Capital Group of Poczta Polska.
    Close, firendly and secure postbanking.

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Responsible system role

The State

  • Government support (Rodzina 500+, Mieszkanie +, State Digitization)
  • Active participation in the implementation of the Responsible Development Strategy
  • Participation in ensuring the financial stability of the State

The Customers

  • Availability of financial services for all Poles
  • Always close - offices and digital channels throughout the country
  • Simple and safe products at a great price
system role

The Society

  • Counteracting poverty and financial exclusion
  • Participation in assistance of disabled people and seniors
  • Ensuring financial security for Poles

Poczta Polska
and its Employees

  • Profitable maintenance of jobs in post offices
  • Stable and attractive employment
  • Creation of opportunities for the development of new skills of Poczta Polska staff in the era of progressive digitization of services
  • Customer satisfaction

    I'm in the right place,
    at my home

  • Communication

    We are close

  • Innovation

    Better, in different way, always for you

  • Fairness

    We keep promises

  • Commitment

    With a passion for the goal

  • Social responsibility

    We are open to social needs

More Postal

The basis of the new strategy is to use the synergy effect of Bank Pocztowy with the largest service institution in Poland - Poczta Polska. There are planned common sales and marketing activities, but also joint social initiatives. The new strategy of Bank Pocztowy also assumes the coherence of actions and the improvement of standardization in the development of the branch network.

More Business

The strategy of Bank Pocztowy aims among others an increase in the share of the housing market and active development of services and products for micro-enterprises and SMEs, especially those who have been natural partners cooperating with the Poczta Polska for years.

More Digital

An important element of the strategy is to complement the simple, cheap and closest to the customers traditional offer with fast, secure and modern digital banking - EnveloBank. In addition, Bank Pocztowy wants to be an active partner in the field of the E-government and participate in government and social programs such as ePUAP or the 500+ Program.


The bank is eagerly chosen by Polish families and micro-enterprises.

The leader of retail banking in Poland.

Key share in the consolidated results of Poczta Polska.

A major partner of government and social initiatives.

Integrator and main financial services provider in the Poczta Polska Group.

Supplier of modern financial solutions for e-commerce.

2017 2021

Business goals

  • A favourite bank of Polish families and small businesses

Financial goals

  • Financing development, profitability, and secure credit portfolio

Development goals

  • Committed and competent team with a passion for building postal banking

Process goals

  • New quality of cooperation with Poczta Polska and synergy with companies of the Group as a lasting competitive advantage

by the President of the Board

In 2016 we carried out significant organizational changes aimed at improving the quality of management at the Bank, including the activation of our own sales network.
It is particularly important for us to build strong local relationships with Poczta Polska. That is why we intensify and deepen our cooperation in the field of our common clients, which is the realization of postal banking standards tested in Europe.
An important event of the past year was the successful Public Bond Issue Program, thanks to which the Bank acquired the amount of PLN 50 million, according to the assumptions of the issue. 
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of Bank Pocztowy

Strategic Partnership with Poczta Polska
Business model based on joint activities of Bank Pocztowy and Poczta Polska
Safety and Stability
Safety and Stability

Strategic Partnership
with Poczta Polska

88 % of Poles use Poczta Polska services
20 million of customers living outside large cities, which we have access to thanks to the wide distribution network of Poczta Polska
4.7 thousand of offices throughout Poland - the largest service network in the country
Discover competitive advantages of Bank Pocztowy

Product and services sale network of the Bank consists of:

24 Branches, 1 Department of Bank Pocztowy
196 Micro-branches
570 Post Office Financial Zones
4.7 thous. Post Offices

Business model

Potential low cost
customer acquisition model

Friendly, standardized products and sales process management and support processes integrated with Poczta Polska.

Stable sales

Poczta Polska plays the role of so called designated postal operator (up to 2025), whose task is to implement high quality universal services, provided at affordable prices and on the same basis throughout the country.

Synergy of  Bank Pocztowy and Poczta Polska

Access to Poczta Polska
distribution network

Bank Pocztowy as the only one in the country has organizational solutions and technology enabling access to such large distribution network and industrial customer.

Access to a wide range
of Poczta Polska customers

Approximately 30 million people use the Poczta Polska service, sending about 1.2 billion letters and parcels and making 46 million transfers for a total of 54 billion PLN.

Synergy of  Bank Pocztowy and Poczta Polska 

ENVELO BANK – new digital brand

Complementation of the simple, cheap and customer-friendly traditional offer with fast, secure and modern digital banking, which you can use on your computer, tablet and Smartphone (via internet banking or application).

Discover EnveloBank

EnveloBank offer

The new offer will combine banking products, services of the Poczta Polska S.A. Group
and external partners.

PLN 6.9 billion of total balance sheet
PLN 523 million of equity
PLN 339.1 million of income
PLN 267.7 million of interest income
PLN 48 million result from commission
PLN 23.6 million of result from financial instruments
PLN 5.2 billion of net loans and advances to customers
PLN 5.5 billion of gross loans
PLN 5.8 billion of deposits

Bank Pocztowy for Society (CSR)

Business liability to customers, employees, shareholders, bondholders and the public is an integral part of activity of Bank Pocztowy.

Customer relationship

For customers, in 2016, the Bank introduced a series of innovations designed to improve service quality and even further customer satisfaction of using the bank services.

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Relations with employees

We continually work to increase the engagement of our employees and to develop activities that promote work-life balance.

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Activities for the benefit of society

In 2016, Bank Pocztowy was involved in such actions as: Bakcyl – Bankowcy dla Edukacji Finansowej, Światowe Dni Młodzieży and Szlachetna Paczka. We have also been an event partner for new technologies and innovative solutions: impact'16 fintech/insurtech.

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Entrepreneurship Supporting

The organization of events, lectures, training sessions or scientific symposia are just some of the actions we take to shape an open approach for action.

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Sport Promotion

For another year, the Bank, through its initiatives, contributed to the promotion of sport – an important area of ​​many Poles’ life.

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Donation Policy

In 2016, the Bank donated a total amount of PLN 364,000. Funds provided through this way are used to finance programs and projects of an educational nature and supporting the neediest, socially excluded persons and those suffering from life-threatening injuries.

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Social Benefits Package

In 2016, as in previous years, the Bank provides its employees with a rich package of benefits. At the same time it started work on increasing the attractiveness of this offer, taking into account the preferences of employees.

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