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Report information

Annual Report 2016

We present you the Bank Pocztowy Annual Online Report, which presents the results of the activity of the Bank Pocztowy Capital group generated in 2016. In there you will information concerning the most important events of the past year, but also the description of the Bank Pocztowy’s new strategy for 2017-2021.

It is the fourth time now that Bank Pocztowy presents an annual report in an online version. The previous editions were appreciated by the chapter of “The Best Annual Report” contest.

Thanks to the use of numerous functionalities, the report allows to effectively assess the business and financial data. You will find individual tools in the main navigation bar and in a visible place in the content of the whole report - tool bars in the form of icons.


It facilitates user navigation through the Interactive data, Clipboard and Document Center bookmarks. The user may click the Help icon while in a given bookmark, and can use the additional explanation of a given tool’s functionalities.


Document Center
Document center allows to download files connected with the report, including the content of the Financial statement and Management Board's report on the activity of the Bank Pocztowy Group. The files can be downloaded both in the PDF and XLS formats. The user has access not only to the 2016 data, but may also generate archive information for the years 2012-2015.

Interactive data
Allows to compare financial data for the years 2012-2016. The data is presented in a form of tables and charts. To display a chart, click and select lines and columns in the table containing data you would like to compare.

Fill in the questionnaire
The questionnaire is anonymous and consists of five close-ended questions and one open-ended question concerning the Bank Pocztowy Annual Online Report. Collecting user opinion is vital for us to continuously improve the online report in the next editions.


Version for the visually impaired (the “eye” icon and the “A letter” )
The tools allow to increase and decrease the font size and to enable comprehensive version for the visually impaired - it is a separate graphics line of the website, created in high contrast and friendly for people having trouble with reading on a monitor. This version contains identical content and materials as the base one.

Content search engine
The search engine allows to quickly find the word or phrase you are looking for.

Enables sharing chosen content through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. After clicking the “Share” icon, simply copy the link and paste it into the social media of your interest, or into the content of an e-mail.

Add to the Clipboard and Go to the clipboard

This functionality allows to store in one place chosen fragments of text. Additionally, there is a possibility of preparing a note for the selected text. Stored information may be used in the future.

How does it work?
Select a chosen text fragment with a cursor, and then click the “Add to the clipboard” icon in the upper part of the website. A window will appear for typing-in the note, and a save button.

Browsing the content of the clipboard
Saved fragments may be browsed in the “Go to the clipboard” icon, available from the upper tools menu by clicking the icon. That icon includes all the selected fragments together with notes and allows to print them and send them to e-mail. The fragments and notes will be available in the “Clipboard” for 5 days since saving.

Allows to explain words whose definitions and meanings may be crucial for understanding the report. Those words are featured in red with highlights in the report’s content. After clicking a word, a cloud with its definition will appear. The user may individually manage the mechanism - turn the dictionary on or off, depending on his or her needs. The dictionary is turned on when the icon in the tool bar is marked out in red.


Search engine in the table

The search engines have been included in the content of the report with all the tables in the report: they are for dynamic and quick searching of numeral data in a given table.