Management Board's representations

True and fair nature of the presented reports

The Management Board of Bank Pocztowy represents that according to its best knowledge:

  • the annual consolidated financial statements and the comparative data have been prepared in line with binding accounting principles and provide a true, fair and clear view of the economic and financial position as well as the financial performance of the Bank Pocztowy Capital Group,
  • Management Board’s report on the activities of the Bank Pocztowy Capital Group provides a true view of the current standing and achievements of the Group, including description of key risks and threats.

Appointing entity authorized to audit financial statements

The Management Board of Bank Pocztowy S.A. represents that the entity authorized to audit financial statements, Deloitte Polska Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. (formerly: Deloitte Audyt Sp. zo.o.) auditing the annual consolidated financial statements of the Bank Pocztowy Capital Group for 2015, has been appointed in accordance with the law. The entity and certified auditors have fulfilled conditions necessary to issue an unbiased and independent audit opinion in accordance with the valid regulations and professional standards.

The Management Board’s report on the activities of the Bank Pocztowy S.A. Capital Group for 2015 includes 128 pages bearing sequential numbers.

Signatures of Management Board Members of Bank Pocztowy S.A.

08 March 2016 Szymon Midera Deputy
Chairman of the Management Board
08 March 2016 Paweł Spławski
Deputy Chairman od the Managment board
08 March 2016 Hubert Meronk
Member of the Management Board
08 March 2016 Magdalena Nawara 
Member of the Management Board