Corporate Governance

Investor relations

The key purpose of investor relations is to provide the stakeholders with up-to-date and reliable information regarding the Bank in a simple and clear manner, in compliance with the law.

Other major events which occurred in 2015 included the preparation to the floatation of the Bank. In the preparation process, the Management Board participated in a number of pilot fishing meetings with local and foreign investors. On 1 September 2015 the intention to float announcement was sent to the media, as a part of the standard IPO procedure. This way the Bank officially communicated the IPO intention to the market. The publication was the starting point for analysts’ discussions with potential investors before the Prospectus has been approved by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The market feedback proved helpful in taking the final decision on further steps related to floatation of Bank Pocztowy. However, due to a disadvantageous market situation and bank share quotations at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, which were lower than expected, the Bank delayed the stock exchange debut.

Since December 2011, Bank’s bonds are traded on the Over-The-Counter market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Catalyst).

At the end of 2015, the following bonds of Bank Pocztowy S.A. were quoted with Over-The-Counter market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Catalyst):


* Until 8.07.16; from 9.07.16 to 8.07.21 WIBOR6M+3.75+1.5 p.p. 


Since the Bank’s shares are not traded on a regulated market, in 2015 its activities regarding investor relations, apart from preparations to the floatation, focused on:

  • developing contacts with investors holding Bank’s bonds or interested in purchasing them,
  • fulfilling of information obligations related to the bonds being listed with Over-The-Counter market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (Catalyst).

The following person is responsible for ongoing investor relations in the Bank:

Magdalena Ossowska-Krasoń
Deputy Director of the Public Relations and Marketing Department
phone No. (22) 328 76 06
mobile 601 057 496

All current and periodic reports published by Catalyst through the Electronic Information Base System (EBI) along with other information regarding bonds issued by the Bank can be found on the website of Bank Pocztowy S.A. (, in Investors relations section.